Vanilla Parfait

The Recipe is by Pastry Chef Stratos Petros

You can view the recipe in Greek here

Ingredients for 2 kg

200 gr Egg White
400 g granulated sugar
4 vanillas or liquid vanilla
1000 g cream 35% fat
150 g roasted almonds or dried slots


We start roasting the almonds and any other nuts you want.
Once they are roasted, remove them and let them cool until I use them
We start making ice cream.
In a metal bowl, pour the egg white with the sugar and vanilla and put it in a pot with boiling water Ben-Marie, and stir to heat the mixture to whiten and generally when you touch it with your finger to be warm enough and to the sugar has melted.
Remove the bowl from the pot and beat the mixture with a mixer to make a very tight meringue.

When the meringue is done, start beating the cream with a little vanilla to become whipped cream .
Mix the 2 mixtures with the help of a spatula and mix very well. When the two mixtures are
incorporated, you will see that it has a wonderful texture.
Finally, add the roasted almonds and dried fruits if you want and mix.
Place the Vanilla Parfait in a taper and sprinkle the surface with slices of almonds optionally.
Leave in the freezer for several hours to freeze
When the vanilla parfait is frozen and firm, take it out of the freezer, its texture is soft,
without crystals, fluffy and delicious. We scoup out balls and garnish according to your taste.

Garnish with chocolate glaze or some syrup

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